“… the team knew they’d landed on something special and poured their heart and soul into transforming the old building into what it is today.”

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It began on a run.

Our Story


692 was founded in 2018 by friends Laura Glasper, Danielle Porteous and Jessica and Charlie Cullen. When Jess and Charlie joined a local run club founded by Laura and Danielle, the long runs through Manotick quickly turned into a dialog, where Laura’s dream of a opening a coffee shop united with Charlie and Jess’ dream of starting a bakery.

Within just a few months, the team walked into the former site of Lindsay McCaffrey’s a general store turned clothing boutique in a 100+ year old building right on Manotick Main Street. Falling fast for the old charm and amazing millwork, the team knew they’d landed on something special and poured their heart and soul into transforming the old building into what it is today.


Laura Glasper

Laura is a wife, mama and one of the owners of 692 Coffee and Bar. Laura’s smiling face can be found opening her dream shop at 5am most mornings. Laura was born in England and has been in Canada since she was two years old. Although her family has been in Canada for over 25 years, they still embrace Great Britain's rich culinary traditions of full fat, full flavour and no preservatives! A big part of Laura’s dream was to create a new home for her mom’s already successful scone business, Scrummie Scones! Enough said!

Laura was groomed in the service industry by the best in Ottawa, Dot Janz. Laura worked at the Red Dot for years and absorbed every ounce of knowledge and love she could from one of our community leaders. She then went on to work for Talaal Baroudi, owner of The Vault Bistro. Talaal furthered her knowledge in the industry, most importantly at his wine and beer distribution company.

Laura is also a co-owner of inStride Event Management and it was Dani and Laura’s run club that gave them the courage to make this dream become a reality. Dani and Laura have been in the community for years and their favourite thing to do is make people smile and laugh.

Charles Cullen Owner 692 Coffee and Bar

Charlie Cullen

692 co-owner Charlie Cullen grew up in the US, with equal stretches spent living in Ohio, Illinois, and Texas. Raised in a household where every family meal was a gastronomic experiment; home cooked meals introduced culinary traditions from all over the world, imprinting upon him a passion for that “amazing bite”.

A keen rock climber and marathon runner, carb intake has been gloriously limitless. Coupled with the necessary feeding of three voracious young boys, the need for fuel/bread organically led to his foray into an experimentation with baking. What started as a means to an end set in motion a creative outlet, where he quickly started focusing on sourdough bread varieties and traditional biscotti- testing them out on family, friends and coworkers. Leaving his career in Condominium Property Management, he is thrilled to dive head first into the kitchen at 692!

Jess Cullen Owner 692 Coffee and Bar

Jess Cullen

“In a world where you can be anything – be kind”

Jess spent her formative years in Manotick, and for four of those years she lived right in the village, just around the corner from 692. After going off to university and some years travelling abroad, she met her soulmate, Charlie, while rock climbing in South Korea. She brought him home to her friends and family in Manotick, where they decided to set down roots as a family. Jess and Charlie have had two ultimate dreams for their life together.

Opening 692 is realizing one of those dreams. Jess loves good coffee, good food, spending quality time with loved ones, and being active, especially outdoors. She will be one of the smiling faces that greets you at 692, ready to be a part of making your day better than before you walked through the door of 692 Coffee and Bar.


Danielle Porteous

692 co-owner Danielle Porteous (Guffie) has been a part of the Osgoode Rideau community since she was 4yrs old. Active in many sports, and where she excelled she could be seen on the soccer fields in Manotick or at Rideau View Golf Course along with her parents who have worked and been a part of the community for over 40yrs.

This is where her and her business partner Laura also from 692 Coffee and Bar created inStride Event Management Inc. With a passion for community, people and sports they have successfully organized The Manotick Miler and The Canada Beer Run for the past ten years and many other events.Danielle is also a running coach with their run club inStride running, whom, were one of the many driving forces for the coffee shop alongside Laura’s vision and dream.

Danielle loves community, laughter and her family and friends and was excited to open up a spot where people would feel at home and joyful as soon as they walked through the doors.Danielle can be seen around the community with her 3 children and husband (and Laura too) enjoying all Manotick has to offer.


 A history lesson

This History of Our Building



“The Lindsay and McCaffrey General Store is one of the oldest remaining business establishments in town. Its boomtown front dates from the late 1870’s when this building style was popular for rural businesses. The store has served a wide variety of purposes over the years, having been at different times a milliners shop (in the 1880’s), a dress shop, a barber shop, a machine shop (in the early 1900’s), a cement warehouse, and a paint shop. Since 1928, it has housed a general store. Inside one may see old fashioned storage bins for grain and spices. A wander inside is like a step into the past.”